Corporate Responsibility

  • Our Approach

At LSEG, our business not only helps to underpin global economic growth. It fulfils an important social purpose too, by supporting the funding and development of small and medium-sized enterprises and encouraging market transparency. At the same time, we help to advocate sustainable best practice in corporations.

There are four key pillars to our corporate responsibility strategy:


As a global FTSE100 business we have a key role to play in building sustainable, trusted markets that can be relied on and understood by all our customers and investors - however small they may be, wherever they are based and at whatever stage they are in their life cycle - from start ups to large multinationals.

As we continue our international growth, our influence and impact also grows. The partnerships we make support the development of local markets around the world, enabling domestic economies to advance and flourish. More than that, we work with local exchanges, governments and regulators to improve the domestic situation in less developed countries and emerging economies.

The UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE)

LSEG is firmly committed to good corporate governance globally, in turn bringing stability, transparency and trust to markets. We've been a partner of the SSE initiative since June 2014, exploring how exchanges can work together with investors, regulators and companies to enhance coporate transparency on environmental, social and corporate governance issues and encourage responsible long-term approaches to investment.

AIM - helping growing companies access the market

It's important for us, as a leading global exchange, to enable smaller growing companies to access an international market and we do so through our Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Celebrating its 20th anniversary in June 2015, AIM has grown from 10 companies at the start in 1995 to around 1,100 companies listed today. It's thanks to a network of experienced and expert investors, accountants and advisors that AIM is able to offer so many companies the access to capital that is often key to their further development.


We design our products and services to make markets more stable and oriented to future generations. Our infrastructure services help enable sustainable investment and growth. The data we have supplied for some years on environmental, corporate and social governance (ESG) is now supported by the low-carbon economy research and analytics platform we’re providing for investors.

LSEG provides a range of services which support the entire financial transaction process and help minimise the chance of economic disruption. These include custody services, clearing and collateral management. We share our knowledge of how to build trust with partners in developed, emerging and frontier markets.

At LSEG we are committed to developing products and services that support sustainable investment and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Creating a responsible finance sector

Encouraging customers to develop their understanding of financial markets; make responsible investment decisions; reduce risk and create a stable, efficient market environment is key to enabling sustainable financial growth, globally. As a Group, we support investors in decision-making; companies in understanding regulation and reporting best-practice; market participants by reducing risk; exchanges by developing strong infrastructure and indices; and intermediaries by offering them efficient access to our markets.


Our people are at the heart of what we do and drive the success of our business. Attracting, developing and retaining the best people to our business, those with the skills and energy needed to deliver our strategy - whether in the post room or the boardroom - is a priority for the Group.

Diversity in action

We're proud of our diverse workforce and are a truly diverse and global business, with employees from more than 50 different nationalities, from apprentices in their teens to seasoned staff members. 32% of our workforce is female and through efforts such as our Women Inspired Network (WIN), we're committed to attracting and retaining the best female talent.

We're passionate about creating an inclusive and healthy environment where the focus is on enabling everyone to realise their full potential. Over the last year, we've invested significantly in projects and schemes that support our employees throughout their career with LSEG.


We are dedicated to engaging with the growing number of communities in which we operate, as we continue to grow and expand globally - through our charitable programmes, reducing our environmental impact or encouraging dialogue with our stakeholders. Choosing to be a good corporate citizen is a matter of pride and common sense!

We are passionate about investing in our local communities, recognising that a responsible and engaged business is a good business. By supporting these communities we can become more deeply embedded with them, with all the mutual benefits this can bring.

After all, vibrant and healthy communities mean a brighter future, creating a stronger economy and fairer society for us all.

Targeting our support

We focus our support in priority areas, which we believe are crucial to the development and survival of healthy, global communities. Using LSEG Foundation as a channel for charitable donations, we can ensure that our efforts reach people who really benefit from our help.