Customer Certification and Testing Services

London Stock Exchange Group offers a broad range of reliable and flexible testing services. Developed in-house, our technically advanced services allow our customers to perform various tests against our Trading and Market Data testing services and interfaces.

Customer Development Service

The most comprehensive testing service provided by the Group, Customer Development Service (CDS) is a fully functioning simulation of the Group’s production environment against which our customers can run their Trading and Information applications.

Market activity is determined by the interaction between customers on the service. Our tools ensure that there is background activity in selected market segments, whilst a number of scripted scenarios allow our customers to follow pre-defined marker actions. Customer specific instruments are also available if interaction with other customers is required.

All production market segments are supported on CDS and constituents are regularly aligned with the live service.

CDS sessions can be pre-booked and allow access to the service for a full trading day with extended hours.

For customers that test regularly or appreciate the convenience of uninterrupted access we also offer a Continuous Access Service as a cost effective and efficient means of testing.

Certification Testing Service

A testing service that supports mandatory testing as part of the Group’s software Accreditation policy, our Certification Testing Service has been designed to allow customers to “self” certify their applications. Customers are able to develop and certify their software on our customer development environment, using a single set of enablement details.

High Volume Service

A specialised testing service to ensure information delivery is supported in a high capacity environment, the High Volume Service (HVS) is a specialised testing service providing an environment in which our customers can test that their infrastructure supports market data delivery at peak throughput, without dropping messages.

This service ensures customer's systems are fully compatible with the Group, and ensures that information delivery is supported in a high capacity environment.

This dynamic service broadcasts live data at a maximum rate across the broadcast services to which a customer subscribes.

High Volume Test sessions must be pre-booked and last approximately 120 minutes

Live Connectivity Test

Live Connectivity Test allows our customers to test connectivity to the live environment prior to go-live and on any major changes to a customer’s configuration.

Participant Test Weekends

During a Participant Test Weekend (PTW) we offers our customers the opportunity to test their trading and information systems in the Production environment.

The service is designed for instances where performance is the main driver for customer testing or if customers wish to test their own disaster recovery or other business continuity scenarios.

PTW sessions can be pre-booked and scheduled on a regular basis throughout the year. Each PTW provides access during a Saturday for a shortened trading day.

Please be aware that all advertised dates are subject to change throughout the year. However, the Group will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible for any changes to these dates.

  • 20 June 2015
  • 22 August 2015
  • 28 November 2015