Valuation Data

Valuation Data

What is the Daily Official List (DOL)?

The DOL is a daily publication of official quotations for all securities traded on the London Stock Exchange. The DOL price is presented in a bid and ask format and is widely used in a variety of calculations including pension portfolio valuations and for probate, as recommended by HM Revenue and Customs.

Electronic Daily Official List (eDOL)

The DOL is available online in a daily downloadable PDF format, known as eDOL. In addition to the DOL price the report includes the security ISIN codes, ex-dividend date and dividend rate, trade high, low and volume and lists trades throughout the day. There are various levels of subscription available as well as one-off downloads.

Electronic Weekly Official Intelligence(eWOI)

The online Weekly Official Intelligence report supplements the information provided by eDOL. The report provides a detailed overview of London Stock Exchange announcements including official listing and trading notices, daily currency exchange rates, forward diary of events, board meetings, conversion notices, drawings and redemptions, company news and directorate changes, takeover panel – disclosure table, dealings under the City Code, notifications of changes in substantial shareholdings and new issues.

DOL Valuation Report

The DOL Valuation Report provides a daily file of securities traded on our markets, and includes the ‘quarter-up’ price calculated from the DOL price, and the mid price between the highest and lowest trade of the day, excluding special bargains. In addition, a separate daily file is made available to report all late trades and calculations that may affect these prices. The files are available for collection via FTP each evening.

The Historic Price Service

The Historic Price Service (HPS) provides online access to request individual DOL quotations for all securities traded on the London Stock Exchange, dating back to 1999. The service is available here.

For more information on eDOL and eWOI please contact or phone +44 (0)20 7825 8100.