The SEDOL Masterfile service provides customers with comprehensive reference data.  SEDOL Masterfile has been in operation for over 30 years and currently provides information on over 84 million securities covering all asset classes.

A unique, market-level, global security identifier increases STP efficiencies and decreases the costs of cross-border trade failure.  Each SEDOL has a Market Identification Code (ISO 10383). Various organisations use SEDOL  Masterfile to aid security identification in their business activities, for example to assist with portfolio valuation, trade execution, processing price feeds, for reference data validation as a cross reference to other identifiers and price validation.

The SEDOL Masterfile service addresses three major industry issues with securities identification:

  • identification of individual securities and the markets that they are traded on reducing the estimated £100m lost each year by the industry as a result of trading errors caused by inaccuracy in security identification;
  • code allocation on a real time basis; hosted on a 24/7 web browser for real-time SEDOL search and creation functionality
  • scope of SEDOL coverage across all asset classes – reducing the need for multiple Identifiers