Datasync enables market participants to synchronise their trading database with that of the Exchange. With advance warning of revisions to Exchange reference data, customers can improve efficiency and avoid missed.trades.

Datasync ensures customer databases are up to date in readiness for the next day’s trading, providing:

  • Pre-warning to register in new securities
  • Stock events affecting the securities you are registered in
  • Reliable and accurate information for efficient database management

The service aids efficient trading and minimises the risk of missing crucial trades due to inaccurate trading data.

New securities are admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange every week. It is critical that these new securities are monitored by all market participants to create an efficient and liquid market. Similarly, existing securities on the Exchange are amended daily, typically as a result of corporate actions. If these amendments are not tracked, the most likely result is trade failures, which are expensive and time consuming to correct. Failed trades due to incorrect reference data are still common occurrences with serious repercussions. Datasync has been designed for both market participants and vendors to minimise this risk.

Datasync Email Service

Hourly from 10:00 to18:00, subscribers receive an email detailing updates to the trading system, which are effective the following trading day. Each email contains a user-friendly report in an Excel format to facilitate the transfer of data into other software applications. An example of an amendment to a particular security can be seen below.

Failed trades due to incorrect reference data are still common occurrences. Datasync has been designed to help you eradicate this risk.

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