Integrated Orderbook

Integrated Orderbook

Turquoise Lit™

Trade on a Transparent Order Book

Continuous trading starts from 08:00 London time to 16:30 London time.

Orders are executed on a price, display type, time priority basis. Persistent order types (in order of display type priority):

  • Limit Orders (displayed)
  • Iceberg Orders (partly displayed)
  • LIS Hidden Orders (non-displayed)

Non-persistent order types, all of which are non-displayed

  • IOC/FAK Orders
  • FOK Orders and Market Orders
  • Minimum Acceptable Quantity (MAQ) is supported on non-persistent order types

The Turquoise Lit™ Order Book is available on Turquoise (MIC: TRQX) and on Turquoise Europe (MIC: TQEX).

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