UK Index Derivatives

UK Index Derivatives

FTSE 100 Futures and Options

Turquoise: the innovative and competitive gateway to trade UK derivatives - expanding it's offering of UK Equity Derivatives

Turquoise offers on screen and flexible trading for FTSE100 futures and options. Turquoise FTSE Index Options deliver attractive on screen liquidity through the implementation of an efficient market making scheme, providing narrower spreads and greater order size to trade against.


Trading Hours

  Open Close
FTSE 100 Index 08:00 16:30
FTSE 100 Index block reporting 07:30 17:30
All times shown are London times

Contract Specifications

Contract Specification FTSE 100 Futures

Contract Specification FTSE 100 Options

Corporate Actions

Turquoise applies clear guidelines to determine how a corporate action event affects the derivative contracts - find out more.


FTSE 100 Index Futures

FTSE 100 Index Options

FTSE 100 Futures Data Vendor Codes