Norway OBX Derivatives

Norway OBX Derivatives

Norwegian Index Derivatives

Turquoise Derivatives continues to operate the highly successful partnership with Oslo Børs.

This is based on a fully linked trading and clearing model which enables members of Turquoise Derivatives to trade Norwegian equity derivatives  products with the Nordic domestic customer base of Oslo Børs.

The link operates a centralised orderbook for each of its shared products, all fully backed by central counterparty clearing either through LCH. Clearnet (LCH) or Oslo Clearing depending on membership.

Trading Hours

  Open Close
OBX options 08:00 15:20
OBX futures 07:30 15:20
OBOSX futures 08:00 15:20
Trade reporting 07:30 17:30
All times shown are London times

Expiry Cycles

  6 months 12 months
OBX index February, March, May, June, August, September, November, December January, April, July, October
OBOSX index 2 Serial and 2 Quartelies

Contract Specifications

Norway Contract Specifications OBX Index Futures

Norway Contract Specifications OBX Index Options

Norway Contract Specifications OBOSX Index Future

Corporate Actions

Turquoise operate guidelines that determine how corporate action events effect derivatives contracts. Find out more.


Norway Derivatives Factsheet