European Trade Reporting

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A pan-European trade reporting service that supports EU Regulated Market Non-liquid and SIX Swiss Exchange equities (with the exception of those that are already included on SETS, SETSqx because they have a London listing or AIM admission).

EU Regulated Market and SIX Swiss Exchange equities Trade Reporting service

All EU Regulated Markets securities and SIX Swiss Exchange equities are supported and will be found on SETS, SETSqx, EQS or European Trade Reporting Service depending on where listed and their MiFID liquidity status (if relevant).

  • Regardless of trading service, we provide three options for member firms to meet the post-trade transparency obligations for each EU Regulated Market security:

          - On-Exchange off book trade publication – for all off book trades executed subject to the Rules of London Stock Exchange;

          - OTC trade publication – for executions not subject to the to the Rules of London Stock Exchange but instead using the MiFID OTC regime; or

          - Systematic Internaliser (SI) - for executions not subject to the to the Rules of London Stock Exchange but instead using the MiFID SI regime

  • Non-member firms can still report OTC trades in EU Regulated Market securities by connecting through our FIX messaging network, LSEHub.
  • Pan-European service available from 08:15 to 18:15 CET (07:15 to 17:15 London time). Whilst timestamps are always submitted to London Stock Exchange in UTC, the convention when displaying trade times in trading segments ITR and EQS is to use Central European Time.
  • Extended availability to support EU business days when there is a UK Public Holiday:
  • To ensure that executions in non-EURM Swiss equities are executed subject to the Rules of the London Stock Exchange, Member Firms must only use trade types O, OK, LC, NM or NC.

Designed for customers to meet their requirement for immediate real-time trade reporting with a backstop of three minutes.

  • Fully automated management of any publication delays applicable under MiFID.
  • Real-time price monitoring to uphold data integrity.
  • Venue ID displayed for each trade.
  • Publication to over 80,000 terminals, displayed in over 100 countries, and to over 200 vendors.
  • Delivered on Millennium Exchange trading technology offering the highest levels of availability.

If you are a member further interested in using this service or have any comments or questions regarding our EU Regulated Market and non-EURM Swiss equities trade reporting service please contact

If you are a non-member firm interested in using EU Regulated Market trade reporting services to meet your MiFID obligations, please contact the IRESS SmartHub team on +44 (0)20 7797 4135 or email


List of Securities

List of European Trade Reporting securities - updated weekly