TRADEcho- Trade Reporting Service

TRADEcho is the suite of reporting services operated by London Stock Exchange.  As well as providing on Exchange off book trade reporting, it is approved as an Arranged Publication Arrangement (APA) providing OTC and SI trade reporting in all MiFID II securities, regardless of the asset class.

On Exchange, off book trade reporting

All securities that appear on that day’s London Stock Exchange’s Market Reference Data file are available for On Exchange, off book trade reporting (i.e. executions subject to the Rules of London Stock Exchange).  Where a trade is executed on Exchange the relevant MIC code will be published as the execution venue:

  • XLON – Executed on London Stock Exchange Regulated Market
  • XLOM – Executed on London Stock Exchange MTF (not including AIM)
  • AIMX – Aim security executed on London Stock Exchange MTF

The Millennium Exchange &TRADEcho Business Parameters document sets out which trading service each segment / sector combination belongs to and identifies the categorisation of individual instruments.

As well as all Securities directly admitted by London Stock Exchange (Main Market, AIM, Professional Securities Market, International Securities Market and Admission to Trading only) the Exchange also provides an extensive universe of equity and equity like securities admitted by other EEA Regulated Markets and MTFs for On Exchange trade reporting as follows:

  • those deemed liquid by ESMA are on the European Quoting service (EQS)
  • those deemed NOT liquid by ESMA are SSX4 SXEL of SETSqx

If you are a London Stock Exchange member firm interested in using this service or have any comments or questions regarding our TRADEcho on Exchange trade reporting please contact

Approved APA

As well as all the securities above, the TRADEcho APA service also provides OTC and SI trade reporting outside the Rules of London Stock Exchange on all the other MiFID II securities, regardless of asset class under the MiFID II APA regime.

This service is available to both members and non-members of London Stock Exchange.  For more information on the full range of TRADEcho pre and post transparency MiFID II services please see:

Alternatively, please contact TRADEcho Sales team:


TRADEcho is also approved by SIX Swiss Exchange as a Trade Data Monitor (TDM).  This allows Remote Members of SIX Swiss Exchange to report trades in securities admitted for trading on a Swiss venue OTC. If you are a SIX Swiss Exchange Remote Member and would like TRADEcho to send your OTC Swiss trading activity to SIX in order to meet your Swiss obligations please contact the Membership Team at London Stock Exchange: