European Quoting Service

The European Quoting Service is a service that enables clients to meet their pre-trade pan-European transparency obligations.

EQS is a quote driven market making and trade reporting platform that supports an extensive range of Equity and Equity like securities defined by ESMA as liquid.  It does not contain securities that are already included on SETS, SETSqx or IOB because they are directly admitted by London Stock Exchange to Main Market, AIM, Professional Securities Market, International Securities Market or Admission to Trading.

Market Makers will enter non-electronically executable quotes during the Mandatory Quote Period (MQP). There will be no minimum number of market makers required per security.

The equivalent non-liquid securities are found on segment SSX4 SXEL of SETSqx.  See TRADEcho for further details.


List of Securities

List of EQS securities - updated weekly