International Companies

International Companies

International companies joining the London markets

International companies coming to London benefit from our long history of integrity, expertise, market knowledge and access to a deep and wide pool of investment capital. They gain exposure to many of the world’s leading investment houses and financial institutions, through visibility on trading systems accessed in real-time by trading terminals across the world.  London is a hub for European and global investors with a deep understanding of international companies. Most international investors have a substantial presence in London.

Our range of four markets are specifically designed for global companies of all types and sizes to raise the capital they need to grow their businesses. We support companies to create shareholder value, generate liquidity and to maximise opportunities from their increased profiles.

International companies can list a number of products in London including shares, depositary receipts and debt, offering different and cost-effective ways to raise capital.

A listing on  London Stock Exchange enables an international company to:

  • raise profile in the world’s most international market

  • raise capital from the most diverse global investor base

  • attract investors from all regions of the world

  • be listed in a time zone that can trade with the world

  • gain a listing alongside a global peer group

  • access liquid trading platforms

  • choose a market that meets their needs

  • interact with advisors and regulators with deep experience in international markets

  • convert securities into a global mergers and acquisition currency 


London is the market of choice for companies from all around the world, including the following regions: