Choosing a Market

Choosing a Market

Your company's size, growth objectives and funding needs will help you to decide which market is right for you.

Main Market

The Main Market is our flagship market for larger, more established companies, and is home to some of the world's largest and best known companies.  Underpinned by London’s balanced and globally-respected standards of regulation and corporate governance, the Main Market represents a badge of quality for every company admitted and traded on it and an aspiration for many companies worldwide.

The Main Market has three segments that cater for a range of businesses and securities.

  • Premium: part of the FCA's Official List, this segment is home to some of the world's largest corporations that are subject to the highest standards of regulation and governance
  • Standard: subject to EU minimum standards and part of the Official List, open to shares and debt securities
  • High Growth Segment: a new addition to the Main Market offering, this segment is specifically designed for equity securities of high growth, revenue generating businesses that are over time seeking to become Premium listed companies



AIM, our market for smaller, growing companies, is the world's most successful growth market providing a vital source of capital for many businesses ranging from early stage, venture capital-backed start-ups to well-established, mature organisations.


Professional Securities Market

The Professional Securities Market is our exchange-regulated market for listed depositary receipts and debt targeted at professional investors. It allows issuers to benefit from a flexible and pragmatic approach to regulatory requirements.


Specialist Fund Market

Our dedicated market for issuers of specialist funds offers specialist investment managers a route to access capital from a highly and knowledgable global investor base.

The Specialist Fund Market appeals to a variety of different types of investment managers, including those managing large hedge funds, private equity funds, and certain emerging market and specialist property funds.


Admission to Trading Only

Refers to securities which are not listed in London or passported on to London Stock Exchange’s EU regulated market. Please contact us to find out more.

Useful Documents

Form 1 UDR


Being on market

Following admission to a public market, companies are subject to a range of requirements. These can be broadly divided between the legal and regulatory requirements, which are the continuing obligations that all quoted companies must meet and whilst not compulsory, do help maximise the value of being a public company.

Quoted companies must ensure that they keep the market informed, promote themselves to the investment community, and listen to market feedback. Those messages come across in a variety of ways, both direct and indirect, ranging from changes in the share price and trading patterns, to direct communication from investors and analysts.

To help companies raise the profile of their flotation we have developed  brand marks to use to promote quotation and showcase their association with London Stock Exchange.

The brand marks are exclusively for those companies with securities admitted to trading on the Main Market (including the High Growth Segment), AIM, the Professional Securities Market or the Specialist Fund Market.

Using this mark will help to improve stakeholders’ understanding of the listing or quotation a company has and the regulatory obligations a company is expected to comply with.

Companies are encouraged to display the relevant brand mark on corporate materials such as websites, publications, press releases, advertisements and business cards. We will also include the brand mark on the individual company summary page on the Exchange’s website.

To request a brand mark, please send a request to the relevant contact below

Brand mark for Main Market, PSM and SFM

Brand mark for AIM

Key eligibility criteria and continuing obligations