Promoting your listing

Promoting your listing

To assist you in promoting your admission to the Main Market to investors, customers and other stakeholders and to showcase your company’s association with London Stock Exchange, we have developed a brand mark for your company to use.

These are brand marks are in line with Financial Conduct Authority’s segmentation of the Official List.

‘Premium Listing’ and ‘Standard Listing’ have replaced the outdated terms ‘Primary Listing’ and ‘Secondary Listing’.

  • Premium being a listing that meets the more stringent UK super-equivalent standards.
  • Standard being a listing that meets EU minimum standards.  

Using this mark will help to improve stakeholders’ understanding of your listing and the regulatory obligations your company is expected to comply with.

These brand marks provide companies with a device to clearly communicate the nature of their listing to market participants. We  display the brand mark on each individual company summary page on our website and they can also be used by your company on corporate materials such as websites, publications, press releases, advertisements and business cards.

Companies are reminded of their obligations under FCA’s Listing Rules, in particular, regarding misleading statements about listing status.

To request a brand mark, please send a request to the relevant contact below

Brand mark for Main Market, PSM and SFM

Brand mark for AIM

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Indices and exposure

Every day, finance professionals across the world look to FTSE  for index tools to help them manage their investment portfolios.

Inclusion in FTSE’s world-class indices bring major benefits for companies listed on the Main Market. Indices are crucial for comparing performance against a peer group and support liquidity and capital-raising.

The FTSE UK Index Series is designed to represent the performance of Premium listed Main Market companies, providing investors with a set of indices that measure the performance of the UK equity market.

Increasing exposure

Becoming a constituent of the FTSE UK Index Series helps to build greater liquidity for Main Market companies by providing investors with clear and independent benchmarking of stocks, sectors and the market as a whole. It also creates the basis for portfolio trading by both active and passive investors. Institutional investors offering retail funds, which explicitly benchmark the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE SmallCap and FTSE All-Share indices, account for almost £50 billion of investment – over 60 per cent of which is held in tracker funds that are obliged to purchase exposure to the constituents of those indices.

Premium listed Main Market companies are potentially eligible for the FTSE UK Index Series, one of the most recognised in the world, which includes the well-known FTSE 100 Index. Standard listed companies and DRs are not eligible for inclusion in the FTSE UK Index Series.