AIM Admission process

AIM Admission process

Appropriate regulation for smaller companies

AIM is renowned worldwide for its balanced approach to regulation which is uniquely suited to smaller companies and their investors. The AIM Rules are concise and principles based. Nomads are responsible for advising companies on the interpretation of and compliance with the rules.

Admission process

Once a company has made the decision to join AIM, the first step is to identify and appoint a Nomad who will help the company come to market. Nomads have a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of companies seeking admission to AIM, and are highly experienced in guiding them through the flotation process.

Other advisers are also integral in supporting a company through the admission process. Such advisers usually include a broker, law firm, accountants and investor relations firms. Following appointment of advisers, the company will need to prepare an admission document that includes details about its directors, financial position, business activities and strategy. This is prepared in close consultation with the Nomad.

See our FAQs for more information about joining AIM.

Nominated Advisers

Every company seeking admission to AIM must appoint a Nominated Adviser (or Nomad) – a full time corporate finance adviser approved by the Exchange to act in this capacity. The Nomad plays a key role at admission, assessing the company’s overall appropriateness and suitability for AIM and assisting it throughout the flotation process. Once on market, the company must retain a Nomad at all times to help meet its continuing obligations, maximise the benefits of being on AIM and support with market issues as they arise.


Every AIM company is required to retain a broker at all times. A broker is a securities house that is a member of London Stock Exchange, and is responsible for facilitating and promoting trading in the company’s shares on the market. Often an AIM company will choose the same firm to act as both Nomad and broker.

Market Specialists

Companies on AIM are advised by an extensive network of market specialists, who contribute to the ongoing success and integrity of the market. Such specialists include lawyers, accountants, public relations and investor relations professionals – all of whom play a vital role to support companies seeking to join AIM and those already on market.


AIM has a diverse and committed base of investors, ranging from large institutions investing millions over a wide range of companies to private investors with relatively small investment portfolios. AIM investors seek companies with growth potential – precisely the type of businesses that AIM is designed to attract and support. Various tax advantages are available to investors in AIM companies.

London Stock Exchange’s AIM team

London Stock Exchange wholly owns, regulates, and develops AIM to remain the most successful growth market in the world. To fulfill this role and support the market’s growth and evolution, we have a dedicated team focusing on regulation and business development activities relating to the market.

For more information about the admission process please see our AIM guide in the documents library.