Raising Finance

Raising Finance

MOT: an innovative distribution channel

For both Sovereign, Supranational and domestic and international corporate and bank issuers

After the great success of the BTP Italia placements, Borsa Italiana has provided corporates with the opportunity to distribute their instruments directly on our platform.

In fact, as part of the admission process, the issuer may use the MOT market for the distribution of the bonds. After verifying that the issuer and the financial instruments meet the admission requirements, Borsa Italiana will admit the financial instrument and start sales of purchase and sale contracts on the MOT market. At the end of the sale phase, subject to its success and compliance with the requirements laid down in the Rules of Borsa Italiana, the admission shall be finalised and Borsa Italiana will establish the start date to open trading on the MOT market.

For more details please visit the Public placement page.