The Market Players

The Market Players

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In order to have a successful listing, it is important to have a team of advisors that help the companies in the pre and post-IPO phases.


A Nomad covers a central role for AIM Italia functioning, since it assists and supports the issuer both during IPO process and its stay on the market.

In order to become a Nominated Adviser, the following elements need to be fulfilled:

  • Be either a bank or an investment firm or a company included in a network of auditing firms, with appropriate skills and competences;
  • Submit the financial statements to the opinion of either an auditor or an auditing firm;
  • Perform corporate finance activity for an adequate period (at least two years); maintain a proper experience within professional advisory and have competences related to corporate finance transactions;
  •  Have key executives, with professional skills and an experience proved by a minimum number of relevant transactions;
  • Have  competences within corporate finance and market practice and strong comprehension of Regulation and Legal framework;
  • Employ an adequate number of people in order to perform the activity;   
  • Have in place adequate controls and procedures in order to comply with Borsa Italiana Regulation.

A Nomad assists and supports the issuer within the compliance of the IPO process, coming from AIM Italia Regulation, and:

  • supervises the due diligence process for the issuer, in order to release the compliance declaration, functional to AIM Italia admission.
  •  supports the issuer within the IPO process management, considering relationship and results coming from the financial advisors involved, verifying the compliance of the issuer to AIM Italia Regulation, in particular with the preparation of the admission document
  • when the issuer is admitted to Borsa Italiana markets, the Nomad assists and supports the company, during its permanence on the exchange, within all the compliance and responsibilities coming from AIM Italia Regulation;
  • stimulates constantly the attention of the issuer to AIM Italia Regulation, in terms of requirements and compliance


Other advisers

1. Auditing firms

  • Certificate the financial statements
  • Release the comfort letter on pro-forma documents
  • Assist the Nomad within due diligence, releasing reports and comfort letter

2. Legal advisers

  • Perform the legal due diligence
  • Support the realization of the admission document
  • Inform the administrators of their responsibilities
  • Assist the Nomad within the valuation of critical topics arised during due diligence

3. Financial advisers

  • Assists the issuer within the IPO process, supporting the entrepreneur within relationship with all the advisor
  • Assists the issuer within the structure of offering, according to the company financial needs
  • Evaluates the IPO feasibility, expressing a valuation on the issuer

4. Other advisers

  • Assist Nomad within due diligence according to specific topics, releasing reports and comfort letter