The Market Players

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The Companies

AIM Italia addresses Italian small and medium size companies offering them a simple and effective market for financing their growth. The market of Borsa Italiana devoted to SMEs with a high growth potential represents, in fact, a flexible, efficient and innovative means for investing in one’s own development.

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The Advisors

The choice of the team of advisors, which will support the company during the listing process is a fundamental step for the success of the transaction. The selection of the Nomad (Nominated Adviser) – who establishes the eligibility of the company for admission to AIM Italia–MAC and has the task of following it also during the post-admission phase – it is a very important decision for the company.

It is appropriate that the choice is accurate and well weighted because both the company and the advisors will work together in the preparation stage to the listing and, in the case of the Nomad, throughout the permanence of the Company on AIM Italia.

The Investors

AIM Italia proposes itself to a system of investors specialized in investing in small and medium enterprises. Institutional investors, retail investors and Private Equity funds may find in AIM Italia a new channel for increasing their market opportunities.