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AIM Italia is the Borsa Italiana's market specifically created to enable small and medium-size Italian enterprises which wish to invest in their growth and have a high growth potential to access capital markets. The market is characterized by its balanced regulatory approach, a high visibility at international level and a flexible admission process, custom built for the financing needs of Italian SMEs in a competitive global environment.

AIM Italia was created on March 1st, 2012 through the merger of two markets: AIM Italia and MAC. The purpose of this merger was to standardize the markets devoted to SMEs and to create a unique market tailored to Italy’s dynamic and competitive small and medium enterprises. The concept was to create a formula that leverages the know-how obtained through more than 15 years of experience of London Stock Exchange's AIM with the specific needs of the Italian entrepreneurial system. AIM Italia offers the opportunity to efficiently access investors focused on small-caps enterprises.

AIM Italia was created so as to offer both a faster and a more flexible procedure to listing and protecting investors, thanks to an efficient regulatory system that meets the needs of small businesses and specialized investors.

Market characteristics

AIM Italia is an MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility), i.e. a market regulated by Borsa Italiana. During the admission phase, no publication of a prospectus pursuant to the Directive 2003/71/EC is required and subsequently, no publication of quarterly management reports is required. The market is based around a key figure, the Nominated Adviser (Nomad), who is in charge of assessing whether a company is eligible for admission and, if so, will guide that company throughout the period of permanence on the market.

Why choose AIM Italia

AIM Italia offers companies a unique combination of advantages:

  • AIM Italia enables smaller size companies to access the market in a short time and at lower cost compared to the main market, ensuring in the meantime both transparency and liquidity requirements for investors.
  • Through AIM Italia companies will be able to access a really global market, benefiting from international visibility and enjoying the credibility conquered by the British AIM and by Borsa Italiana's markets.

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