RNS Reach

RNS Reach is an investor communication service aimed at assisting listed and unlisted companies to deliver non-regulatory news such as marketing messages, corporate and product information. It is based on the existing RNS UK-Regulatory service and has the same levels of efficiency, control and broad dissemination.

RNS Reach also enables unlisted and foreign-listed companies to deliver their news to a professional UK financial audience.  Announcements are released automatically on the London Stock Exchange corporate website (“Market News” section) and on Thomson Reuters terminals. 

RNS Reach announcements are tagged "RNS-R" in the "Source" column of the Market News service and as RNS – RCS on Thomson Reuters terminals

Other vendors subscribing for RNS Reach announcements will receive announcements sent through this channel but may choose not to display for editorial reasons.

What type of announcements can appear on RNS Reach?

  • Intention to Float – on AIM (main market is Regulatory)
  • Launch of new website/product/services
  • New production/distribution/retail agreements
  • New contracts/orders/ventures
  • Financial results/accounts (for non-listed companies)
  • Management Appointments
  • Financing/investment arrangements
  • Company presentations/events

See examples of announcements published by RNS Reach

View examples on www.londonstockexchange.com.