LSEG at London Climate Action Week

Mobilising climate transition finance in the UK and beyond

LSEG is committed to enabling sustainable growth at the global level, offering market participants the robust datasets, insightful research, and capital markets access they need to make the low-carbon economy a reality.​

But what rising to the challenge of climate change requires above all is cooperation, partnership, and the active sharing of ideas. That’s why we are proud to be supporting the industry, and London Climate Action Week (LCAW) 2024.​

During the week, our dedicated teams will host and participate in a wide variety of events and discussions designed to galvanise climate action around the world, starting in the historic financial hub we call home.​

It's nearly London Climate Action Week 2024.A lot happened last year at London Climate Action Week.And as a reminder, we kicked that week off withthe launch of ISSB's inaugural standards.We're delighted to be here this morning atthe London Stock Exchange tocelebrate the launch of S1 and S2,our first ever sustainability standards,which will bring to the marketa comprehensive language forsustainability disclosures for investorsand other capital providers.Whether you're a corporate, a financial institution,a government or a regulator.These standards can provide the foundation toadvance our shared sustainability objectives.The next step is of course to see to which extent we canassess a possible endorsementready for use at national level.It's incredible with the launch ofthe ISSB standards today,the culmination of such an important journey,employed by all of our stakeholdersand meeting the needs of the market.The global baseline tomake sure investors really understandrisks and companies can reallycommunicate to the market and attract capital.With Chapter Zero, we focused onhow they need to engage their boards on climates.Chapter zero fillsa very important gap in the board room,which involves educating and teachingboard directors about how to lead andparticipate in the climate change discussion.And then on Wednesday, we broughttogether institutional investors from aroundthe world to think about how theyneed to finance the climate transition.I'm pleased to be here today to openthe 2023 Climate Investment Summitat the London Stock Exchange.We need to preserve nature,not just because it's part of our economic system,but it also is our largest most important toolfor fighting the effects of climate change as well.Well, if that has really wedded your interest inknowing more about London Climate Action Week 2024,then please check out the details at the link below.

See some of our highlights from London Climate Action Week 2023 – and a look ahead to 2024 – in the video 

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