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LSEG Data Management Solutions for Commodities Trading

Understanding the LSEG Data Management Solution (LDMS).

Our solution to the digitalisation of the commodities market

As technology continues to disrupt and transform the commodities trading arena, market participants have ever-increasing access to disparate sets of data, digital tools and analytics platforms. This trend has reshaped commodity trading, as so much more information is now accessible. 

While it’s easy to have access to an unlimited amount of data, the key is to be able to utilise it in a streamlined manner, giving you what you need, exactly when you need it. Inefficiencies can arise when valuable time and resources are spent on collating and combing through the wide variety of information available. 

At LSEG, we enable clients to make the best possible use of their data, technology and human or artificial intelligence, providing clients with solutions to remain ahead of the curve of digital transformation and gain competitive edge.

The LSEG Data Management Solution (LDMS) merges and normalises data across a range of sources

LDMS serves as an aggregator of disparate data sources giving clients the option to ingest and standardise data from various types of data sources:

  • Data and content from LSEG
  • Data and content from other third-party providers
  • Exclusive access to proprietary data from relevant organisations

The solution then allows customers to comingle and disseminate the aggregated data via C/ETRM, Excel, SaaS based Dashboards or scripting output forms. Ensuring consumption of big data is in a logical and structured manner to extract maximum value from internal or external data sets at a lower cost.  

Everything is there to help you make critical decisions quickly and efficiently. The LSEG Intelligent Tagging and our proprietary verification system break down the data, news and content elements into an easy-to-consume format, accessible via our platforms or data feeds. Whether you are used to FTPs, feeds, desktops, servers, clouds or data lakes, this helps you with data standardisation and nomenclature that is consistent across everything you work on. 

Features & Benefits

Why use LDMS to streamline your data?

Standardised and normalised data

Wherever and whenever you need it

Lower total cost of ownership

Keeping everything within your control

Powerful analytics using multiple sources of insights

Live feeds, forecasts and real-time data

Interoperability capabilities with risk management and supply chain systems

Easy to setup, integrate and control

Comingling of data ability through multiple sources

Bespoke data solutions tailored to your needs

Visualisation tools designed for data digestion

Enabling faster and more efficient decision-making

How does LDMS work?

Along with a unified search and interface, this setup allows for consistent data structuring across multiple sources, reducing the risk of duplications, errors, and inconsistencies. 

The information can be consumed in multiple formats, such visualisation software, desktop-based tools or even blockchain-based applications Microsoft Excel or CSV files or via any. There are also added options of accessing all the information via our platforms or integrating it with in-house visualisation or data management systems via an open API framework. Thus, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) at your end.

LSEG Data Management Solutions


Putting the power of digitalisation in your hands

Our unique collaborations and partnerships with leading industry data and content providers allow us to give you access to the work of more than 1,000 analysts in one seamless environment, including:

  • Argus Media
  • I.C.I.S
  • IIR Energy
  • OPIS
  • S&P Global Commodity Insights (Formerly S&P Global Platts)
  • Yes Energy

Whether you are looking for production or supply forecasts or undertaking margins and arbitrage calculations, our commodities data management service can provide you with the right data in a format that best suits your requirements. 

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