The Fundamentals of Energy Transition

Understand how the drive to net zero affects commodities, from supply and demand to prices and investment, so you can maximize opportunity while managing the challenges.

Challenge and opportunity

Businesses everywhere face a paradigm shift as the world transitions to cleaner energy sources and works to achieve net zero emissions. By 2030, investment must more than triple--to around $4 trillion--in order to meet net zero targets by 2050.  This surge in clean energy investment and a more sustainable fuel mix will create jobs, growth and tremendous investment opportunity.

For commodity trading, the implications of energy transition are particularly critical, affecting supply and demand alongside pricing and financing. The drive to net zero presents singular opportunity for some and a threat to survival for others. For example, as pressure mounts to increase the use of renewable sources to reduce emissions from fossil fuels such as oil and coal, demand for the metals needed to electrify the economy is spiking.

More broadly, the effects of climate change – from rising temperatures and sea levels to more volatile weather such as droughts, storms and fires – impact commodities and the supply chain, affecting the availability and accessibility of raw materials.  

LSEG is committed to empowering customers to understand the complex interlinked commodity markets and become key participants at the heart of the global energy transition. Whether you are looking at macro, global trends and business drivers or specific, regional impacts and implications, we have the data, intelligence, and insight to help you make sense of changing markets.

Expertise to navigate changing dynamics

As the world moves towards more climate-friendly activities, LSEG delivers a powerful combination of data, analytics, insight and human expertise. We help you make sense of disparate sets of data, and a rapidly increasing array of digital tools and analytics platforms. Data is one thing – trusted data and insight is another.

Through our open-technology solution, LSEG Eikon for Commodities, we deliver market-leading, comprehensive data across commodities asset classes and major markets, supplemented by detailed weather forecasts and real-time shipping information. Our data takes you deep into the micro and macro factors affecting production, pricing, supply, demand, and access, whilst insight and analysis give you a solid foundation to take immediate action and develop future strategies.

For institutions consuming data from multiple sources, LSEG has created a Data Management Solution (LDMS) to help you manage and benefit from big data via your own platform. We aggregate data by merging and normalising it across a range of sources, from our own proprietary data and content to information from third-party providers. A variety of dashboards, tools, feeds and technologies make it easy to visualise data and consume it.

Whether you are a supplier, analyst, trader, or investor, rely on our data and insight to develop strategies to achieve sustainable business growth and stay on top of key trends in energy, metal and agriculture production and trading, shipping and international trade as we transition to a net zero future. 

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