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Risk management for technology companies

Access third-party risk management solutions to efficiently source and onboard suppliers, distributors, and resellers in the technology industry, while meeting global regulations and safeguarding your reputation.

With a steady rise in high-tech companies expanding their global reach, the need to comply with international regulations is more crucial than ever before.

The technology industry heavily relies on international suppliers and distributors. It is common to outsource a significant amount of manufacturing and rely on production and related services in countries where the risk of corruption is perceived as high. Bribery and corruption are also potential risks due to common interactions with government officials.

Technology companies are also exposed to greater risks such as human rights violations in the supply chain and distribution network, as well as data and cyber risks including intellectual property, data security and personal data privacy risks.

Compliance with global regulations and a clear understanding of third-party relationships through screening and due diligence is therefore necessary to mitigate potential harm to your technology company’s reputation, data security and profitability.

What is due diligence for technology companies?

Technology hardware manufacturers need to have visibility of the complex global supply chain to understand whether their suppliers can meet contracted specifications or have a history of ethical misconduct, unfair treatment of their workforce or links to organised crime. 

On the distribution side, technology providers need to reduce the risk of intellectual property (IP) theft and counterfeiting. End users of products should be identified to reduce the risk of unintentionally supplying a corrupt regime that could potentially lead to the loss of other contracts or export licenses, as well as cause reputational damage. 

Our third-party risk management solutions help technology companies identify, manage and mitigate risks in their business relationships – from cyber and data risks to integrity and operational risks. We serve various tech giants from leading computer software companies (graphics design, cloud engineering, enterprise software products companies) to global hardware companies that manufacture computers and consumer electronics.

Our solution

Protect your business from cyber and data risks

We help technology companies manage the complexity of their operations associated with a large number of third parties, while helping them safeguard their reputation, meet regulatory obligations and reduce costs.

Screen your third parties

Screen for high-risk individuals and entities in the global technology supply chain and distribution network with LSEG World-Check data. This consists of millions of profiles that will help you uncover hidden risks in business relationships. You can identify sanctioned entities and individuals, and uncover risks indicating a third-party’s potential involvement in alleged criminal activity that could lead to financial, reputational or other types of risks.

Receive ratings, insights & analysis

Get detailed background checks and analysis on companies and individuals, based on your technology company's specific interests and risks with LSEG Due Diligence Reports. Our reports deliver accurate risk ratings, so you can make informed decisions when engaging with third parties.

Access our technology platform

Centralise your third-party risk management processes using LSEG Due Diligence Centre. This technology platform will help your company to guide stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of third-party relationships – including initial assessment, onboarding, ongoing monitoring, renewal or end of life. 

Partner with us for support

Use our third-party onboarding programmes and managed screening services to improve efficiency in your technology company. Our teams will manage your programme through our proprietary technology platform LSEG Due Diligence Centre, allowing you to spend more time on strategic tasks within your technology company.


Why we are trusted worldwide


Extensive third-party insights

Uncover background, reputation, ethics and political connections of your third parties so you can protect your technology company’s reputation while avoiding fines and other risks.


Global intelligence network

Understand location-based risk when conducting business in unfamiliar jurisdictions and emerging markets, using our intelligence network, covering 217 countries combined with our extensive language capabilities to provide truly global coverage enriched with local knowledge.

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Trusted advice

Manage and mitigate your regulatory risk by leveraging our industry-trusted and reliable screening and due diligence insights from our team of research specialists, underpinned with industry leading World-Check data, accredited with ISAE 3000 certification.

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor a third-party risk management solution to help solve your technology company’s specific needs.

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