KYC and AML solutions for fintechs

Harness the power of data and leading-edge technology to turn existing know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance challenges into opportunities for growth and differentiation.

Effectively address your fintech KYC and AML challenges.

Accelerating digitalisation continues to alter the financial services industry landscape. Fintechs are re-imagining the financial services landscape, especially when it comes to lending, asset management, banking, payments and digital assets. They are consistently delivering speed, agility and an enhanced customer experience.

The unprecedented customer traffic that is being channelled to fintechs has attracted the attention of financial criminals, who are becoming more and more adept at exploiting new, technology-enabled opportunities for illicit activity.

Ever-increasing competition and the digital expectations of tech-savvy consumers mean that all AML processes must be designed with customer experience at its epicentre.

What are KYC and AML challenges for fintechs?

Fintechs must ensure that they conduct robust AML screening and KYC checks, to meet increasing regulatory obligations and help to mitigate money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes.

Key fintech KYC and AML challenges:

  • Customer onboarding: effective customer screening, KYC and enhanced due diligence are the key pillars of success.
  • Ongoing monitoring: automated monitoring of changes to existing risk ensures the accuracy of risk-based assessments over time.
  • Transaction screening and monitoring: screening and monitoring of transactions pinpoints potential AML red flags.
  • Change of circumstance alerts: specific change of circumstance data points trigger relevant KYC processes.
  • Risk scoring: scoring takes a range of factors into account to compute accurate customer risk scores.

Our solution

Leverage leading technology and robust data to achieve more with less

Our solutions combine the power of data and leading-edge technology to solve fintech KYC and AML challenges in different ways. These solutions enable firms to digitalise their customer screening, KYC and enhanced due diligence, which in turn enables better, faster turnaround times that are customer-centric and regulatory compliant.

Access powerful screening services

The solution leverages our industry-leading World-Check database, comprising robust, structured data for KYC screening. World-Check has been trusted by the world’s biggest companies for over twenty years.

Efficient identity and onboarding services

Our Identity Verification and Onboarding solutions deliver document proofing, liveness checks and facial matching, identity verification, and risk screening. Advanced API technology ensures ease of integration and a seamless user experience with a single touchpoint.

Effective KYC due diligence

Get detailed information and comprehensive insights to help regulated entities like yours pinpoint potential customer risk and comply with your KYC mandatory requirements.

Engage with us for support

Outsource managed screening of high volumes of customers to us. We provide the tools and expertise to perform screening on your behalf either as a once-off or on an ongoing basis.


An agile and holistic approach to solving KYC and AML challenges


Leading technology, seamless integration

Our digital onboarding capabilities use leading-edge technology to deliver an omnichannel, user-optimised experience. Benefit from seamless integration, minimal configuration and a high degree of flexibility.

Breadth and depth of screening data

Leverage the unsurpassed breadth and depth of data within our industry-leading World-Check database, underpinned by a trusted, global brand.


Enhanced customer experiences

Manual KYC processes can result in protracted onboarding, customer frustration and abandonment. Digital onboarding removes these challenges, resulting in quicker, more client-friendly processes and better compliance.

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor a screening solution to help solve your fintech company's specific needs.

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