Enhanced due diligence

ESG due diligence

Due diligence reports to help you ensure compliance, and provide targeted, bespoke intelligence to help make informed decisions about the environmental impact of any potential investment.

Against the backdrop of increased environmental crime and heightened environmental awareness, sustainable and ethical business practices have become a key consideration in any investment decision.

What is ESG due diligence?

Investors are increasingly demanding that considerations such as climate change, diversity and inclusion, human rights, a ‘license to operate’, business ethics and corporate governance are factored into their portfolios. Many investors also require financial professionals to differentiate their services using environmental social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Detailed ESG due diligence should deliver insights into the efficacy of a company’s ESG policies, performance and track record.

Our solution

Helping to make sound and ethical investment decisions

At LSEG our ESG due diligence add-on report focuses on each component – environmental, social and governance. We check details to uncover any controversial or illegal behaviors as well as offer insight into any positive actions, such as initiatives taken, and any ESG-relevant awards that have been granted.

Reports highlight important actions taken by a company as well as any proceedings with regulators, investors or other stakeholders. Social policy and statement checks are also included.

We have extensive experience in offering detailed due diligence reports across many sectors as diverse as chemicals, clothing, construction, electrical goods, IT software and mobile apps, manufacturing, real estate and transportation.

We have over two decades of experience in emerging and frontier markets and can boast one of the largest in-house enhanced due diligence analyst teams in the market.

Request an ESG add-on component to your due diligence report to understand and manage risk with confidence.


Why we are trusted worldwide

Legal and ethical methods

Our researchers only access risk information in the public domain, using non-invasive data collection methods.


Trusted information sources

Various human intelligence sources, leveraging structured World-Check data accredited with ISAE 3000 standard.

Global coverage with local knowledge

With local people in all major markets, we understand the local nuances and details, even where information may be less reliable.


Presenting value-added data to address ESG risk

Through our partnership with Sigwatch, an NGO tracking and issues analysis company, we are able to include coverage of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) sourced data including Sigwatch’s reputational impact scoring in our enhanced due diligence reports.

The data is particularly valuable when assessing global supply chain risk, pre-investment due diligence on high-risk transactions such as IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. Contact us to find out more.

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