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Settlement Center

When efficient post-trade processing within a single solution is important, we have your trade settlement needs covered.

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Why choose Settlement Center?

You can automate middle and back office trade processing by exchanging SWIFT confirmation messages, trade matching, settlement instructions, trade-netting, third-party notifications, trade receipt splitting and more with Settlement Center. Connect to over 100+ of the largest banks, liquidity providers, global custodians, correspondent banks and prime brokers.

Features and benefits

What you get with Settlement Center

Minimised operational and counterparty risk

Manage confirmation processes, monitor exceptions and identify the best settlement path, as well as enriching trades using our SSI database.

Confidence in monitoring notifications

Monitor real-time transmission, observe audit trails and drill down for complete SWIFT message details, and review process performance.

Build trust with control and compliance

Achieve compliance with corporate governance, accounting regulations and FX guidelines with easy-to-use best practice.

Product in action

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Post-trade efficiency within a single solution

Infographic explaining a buy-side client trading with a liquidity provider and Settlement Center's post-trade processing in six steps:  1. Trade execution occurs  2. Trades are uploaded via FTP or imported to Settlement Center GUI  3. The liquidity provider and Settlement Center exchange SWIFT confirmation messages.  4a. Settlement Center sends SWIFT FX trade and net payment instructions on the client’s behalf to the bank (optional).  4b. Settlement Center sends copies of messages to interested parties on the client’s behalf (optional).  5. The GUI is used to monitor trades and approve.  6. FTP updates are sent to the client’s TMS/OMS (optional).

Settlement Center’s automated post-trade processing begins with an executed trade and then facilitates processing between the customer, liquidity provider and other interested parties. The Settlement Center GUI allows for ‘real-time’ monitoring and performing actions such as netting trades or splitting payments.

Reduce risk and increase efficiency through clearing

Infographic explaining how Settlement Center reduces risk and increases efficiency through its connectivity with FXall and LCH in 6 steps:  1. Trade execution occurs.  2a. Trade notification is sent to Settlement Center.  3. The client trade is sent from Settlement Center to IHS Markit.  4. Submissions and updates are sent between IHS Markit and LCH.  5. Status updates are sent between Settlement Center, IHS Markit, LCH, and the liquidity provider.  6. Status updates are sent from the buy-side to Settlement Center.

Connectivity to LCH ForexClear through Settlement Center gives traders the flexibility to determine which trades get cleared on a post-trade basis. This cleared workflow benefits customers through counterparty risk reduction, margin efficiencies, operational risk reduction and provides capital-efficiency opportunities.

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