January 4, 2023

Fixed Income Insights - January 2023

Monthly Report

Fed caution predominates, but softer data suggests tightening pause nearing

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  • Growth and inflation expectations – An end to synchronized rate hikes? 
  • Yields, curves and spreads – Most G7 sovereign yields fell in Q4, despite the back-up in December
  • Performance – Shorter UK gilts shone in Q4, but EM inflation-linked bonds were the best performers in 2022 and long gilts the worst
  • Sovereign and climate bonds – Climate WGBI outperformed WGBI in Q4, despite losses in December

These reports provide actionable insights on global fixed income markets. They cover shifts in global yield curves and credit spreads, across sovereign, inflation-linked and corporate indices, and FX-adjusted return performance using proprietary month-end data from our global fixed income indices.

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