FTSE Russell Fixed Income Index Module

The FTSE Russell Index Module is a custom index tool to quickly research and analyse index ideas, back-test potential new indices and create production-ready indices.

A comprehensive solution for custom fixed income index analysis and design

The FTSE Russell Index Module is a powerful, easy-to-use custom index tool that allows users to quickly research and analyse index ideas, back-test potential new indices and create client-driven, production-ready indices that meet the most complex portfolio mandates.

Key features:

  • Access to a comprehensive index repository across several regions with 10 years of back-tested history
  • Research and prototype index concepts with multiple inclusion/exclusion parameters
  • Create composites of up to eight underlying indices
  • Publish indices from within the tool
  • Access Index Module via LSEG Workspace or any web browser
In the dynamic world of fixed income investing,finding the right benchmarks andindices can be a complex challenge.To address this, we've launchedthe FTSE Russell Index module.This powerful, easy to use tool let you quicklyresearch and analyze fixed income index ideas back,test potential new indicesand perform custom benchmark design.Index module containsthe complete foot global fixed income index data set,including all regional and thematic indices.Use index module to select and compareindices by running a historical time series analysis.The tools intuitive interface offersmany customization features andspeed to market capabilities.This lets you create indices to meetthe most complex portfolio mandates,Research and prototype your index conceptswith multiple inclusion and exclusion parameters,create composites and save custom schemes.Custom indices are productionready and can be published from within the tool.You can access index module viaa web browser or through Refinitiv Workspace.Workspace is our new flagship workflow solutionthat gives index usersaccess to other rich datasetsincluding fixed income terms and conditions,ESG data and pricing.Thanks for watching.

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