Digital Asset indices

Browse our Digital Asset indices offering institutional quality, liquidity-screened exposure to the digital asset marketplace.


    How our Digital asset indices benefit you

    Created in association with the experts at Digital Asset Research, the FTSE Digital Asset Indices offer institutional quality, liquidity-screened exposure to the digital asset marketplace through flagship market cap or single asset indices. All indices utilise reference price data that is robustly vetted across exchanges, establishing high standards for sound custody and covering a wide range of fundamental and technical criteria.

    Our digital asset universe starts by vetting exchanges

    Safety concerns and regulatory uncertainty have made market transparency more important than ever. As index providers in this environment, we have aligned our digital assets offering to the needs of the investment market, creating indices that incorporate robust data screening to elevate their quality and usability.

    Asset and exchange vetted data underpins all our indices, and its defined vetted universe provides the basis for both our flagship multi asset, market cap and single asset indices.

    The FTSE Global Digital Assets Index Series – your true measure of the market

    We are pleased to welcome the flagship FTSE Global Digital Asset Index Series to our offering. The indices span the full, investable market from large cap to micro-cap. The FTSE Russell Digital Asset Indices are modular and have been structured with investor flexibility and customisation capability in mind.

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