LSEG has the most comprehensive set of data in the industry. Find out what sets our coverage apart from the competition, and discover our formats, delivery mechanisms, publishing frequencies and product availability.

Our financial data, your way

Our data gathers real-time and historical insights from hundreds of sources and expert partners worldwide.

The data is delivered via a portfolio of financial data products and services, so all users – from traders and investors to wealth and asset managers, as well as risk, compliance, strategy, and advisory managers – get the content they need, in their required format.


How our data services can help you

Deeper, broader market data

Access more than 80 million instruments, including exclusive content sets, with greater geographical coverage.

Fast and efficient delivery

Streamline your workflows with efficient, low-latency optimisation and cloud delivery options.

Machine ready data

Make better decisions with our filtered, cleaned and integrated data sets.

Ease to integrate

Integrate content with users’ workflow applications with consistent field identifiers. Full backwards compatibility with legacy models.

Lower TCO

Minimise costs with consolidated data services, connectivity and service delivery options.

Simple onboarding

Streamlined onboarding process avoiding complicated and long periods of waiting to access the content.

Discoverable data

Quickly find the content your users need, when they need it, with our standardised data and symbology normalisation.

Trusted data

Meet MiFID II high-frequency, trading-specific transaction reporting requirements with our tools and industry-leading reference data.

Data coverage

As well as a complete overview of our offering, LSEG’s catalogue of data provides key customer benefits, features, insights and statistics. It covers pricing and market data, company data, risk intelligence, economic data, news, commodities, and more.

Market data services

With our comprehensive approach to data delivery and end-to-end data technology stacks – underpinned by our market leading coverage of data, analytics and pricing services – we enable you to power your business-critical workflows.