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Digital engagement in wealth management

The rapid growth of digitalization and an ever-changing market landscape is reshaping wealth management business models.

The pace of digital transformation continues to accelerate. Driven by both structural trends and lockdowns, investors and advisors now expect seamless omnichannel digital experiences.

In the digital age, where incoming information is plentiful, and instantly available across a range of channels, it is imperative that both firms and their advisors adopt a proactive approach to client engagement and demonstrate that they are able to add real value to the investment equation. And one way they are able to achieve these goals is by using digital wealth tools.

How is digital engagement becoming the new normal in wealth management?

Wealth management firms are entering a new phase of digital transformation. Fintech firms are bringing new capabilities and approaches, and non-traditional tech competitors have established a higher bar for client expectations. 

This changing landscape calls for wealth management firms to deliver more personalized and high-touch client experiences through digital engagement. Firms need to empower their advisors and clients with data, technology, and expertise that will boost advisor productivity, improve decision-making, deepen client engagement and optimize business performance. These trends are forcing financial services firms to re-evaluate their digital offerings.

Key findings from our digital transformation report

  • 50%
    of wealth managers say providing a more sophisticated digital experience is a challenge for their firm
  • 61%
    view analytics and creating insights as very important for their firm
  • 86%
    consider servicing clients as a highly important digital capability to acquire

Our solution

Next-generation digital solutions for advisor and investor needs

LSEG provides the digital tools and solutions to help improve efficiency, effectiveness and create a seamless digital engagement experience with clients. Our solutions empower advisors and clients through, unparalleled data, flexible technology, streamlined workflow activities, personalized digital capabilities.

Unmatched content, data and analytics

We aim to address evolving investor and advisor requirements by providing market-leading content service and analytics. These integrated solutions help advisors and investors quickly uncover relevant and valuable insights without all the noise of the market.

Adaptable technology

Our flexible technology enables scalability for your organization while providing flexible frameworks and capabilities to help customize experiences for your advisors and investors.

Streamlined workflow

With our comprehensive dashboards and navigations, we help advisor and investors improve workflow requirements. We offer advanced analytics, reporting and application tools that enable clients to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

Configurable digital capabilities

Our digital capabilities are designed for redistributing content on browser-based or mobile applications and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Our mission in a technology advanced world is to connect advisors and investors through comprehensive and consistent experiences across all channels digitally.


How we can help in your firms digital journey

Seamless access across all your devices

Our fast and light web technology allows for quick and secure access from anywhere and seamlessly syncs across desktop, web, mobile and tablet.

Compelling experience for investors

Benefit from modern and intuitive digital client experiences that align with your client segmentation and solution offerings.

Personal insights and views

Engage investors by combining client holdings and activity with market data and analytics to deliver a more personalized experience.

Connect with our specialists

Our specialists will tailor a digital wealth management solution to help solve your specific needs.

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