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Personalised investor experiences

LSEG Wealth Solution Research Report 2023

Our latest research, which surveyed more than 1,000 investors, highlights the data, insights and digital experiences that investors are looking for – from digital assets, index strategies and leveraging social media for investment ideas to their market outlook and risk appetite. Providing a tailored and personal approach is key to creating a competitive advantage and engaging the modern investor.

Read our report for 5 ways wealth firms can improve their strategies to bridge the generation gap and attract investors. Find out:

  • How investors' experiences with their wealth firms differ across generations?
  • What alternative investments and digital assets do investors want information about?
  • How do investors plan to react to any further market volatility in 2023?

33% of Millennials and 21% of Gen X investors are using social media to gather insights and ideas, compared with only 3% of Boomers.

84% of Millennials state that advisors provide a personalised investing experience based on their needs.

Investors are as likely to take chances for larger gains as they are to avoid investment risk.