Wealth Order Management

Access the multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-broker trading solution for financial advisors in Australia to enhance capabilities and drive productivity 

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Why choose Wealth Order Management?

As the Wealth market becomes more advice-oriented and transactional margins are under increasing pressure, businesses are looking to differentiate themselves based on service and value-adding solutions. Building internal processes that enhance connectivity and increase productivity is key.

Wealth Order Management is a fully integrated global trading solution in LSEG Workspace®. It seamlessly combines idea generating market data and analytics with dynamic trading capabilities. Connected to our global FIX network Autex Trade Route, advisors have access to over 800 brokers around the world.

The platform is back office and OMS agnostic, providing advisors a holistic view of client portfolios across multiple structures including HIN, CSN, SRN and Custody to offer a richer, more informative experience for investment advisors, wealth managers and retail brokers.

Features & Benefits

What you get with Wealth Order Management

Access to trade global exchange traded instruments

Integrated workflow supported by Reuters news, market data and analytics

OMS & EMS agnostic providing advisors flexibility to integrate with existing systems

Supports Record of Advice to comply with local industry standards

Supports brokerage override, BPO and DTR working orders

Consolidates client portfolios across multiple structures including HIN, SRN and Custody

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