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Intelligent Tagging

Making data smarter: using natural language processing, text analytics, and data-mining technologies, Intelligent Tagging turns large amounts of unstructured data into precise advantage.

Why choose Intelligent Tagging?

Intelligent Tagging uses natural language processing, text analytics and data-mining technologies to derive meaning from vast amounts of unstructured content. It’s the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to tag the people, places, facts and events in your data, and then assign financial topics and themes to increase your content’s value, accessibility and interoperability. 

Connecting your data consistently with Intelligent Tagging helps you to search smarter, personalize content recommendations and generate alpha.

Intelligent Tagging supports a comprehensive list of metadata types in English. Non-English is supported in a few key concepts (for example, company extraction) in Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, and French.

We offer access to Intelligent Tagging via a range of deployment options, ensuring the flexibility to evolve with your needs.

Features & benefits

What can you do with Intelligent Tagging

Search smarter

Make your search platforms more intelligent to enrich your users’ experience, finding their answers quicker.

Discover insights

Cut through the noise of unstructured data, and access personalized content in an automated way.

Generate alpha

Mine news, government filings, and more to accurately predict and leverage alpha signals.

Scale up

An adaptable and responsive solution - you can rapidly scale as data volumes grow to handle new opportunities.


Data is generated in industry standard formats, so you can easily integrate regardless of content management system.

Manage risk

Gain insights into events and map the information to your own data to create a nuanced picture of potential risk.


Flexible deployment options - helping to increase agility

We are now offering access to Intelligent Tagging via a range of deployment options to help increase agility. It can be accessed flexibly to evolve with your business needs.

Free-to-experiment model (Open Calais)

A free tier, fully managed - to help you start your API integration today, with no budget or commitment required.

More about Open Calais

The fully managed model (hosted)

You focus on your business, we run your metadata tagging system – fully. You can rapidly scale as data volumes grow to handle new opportunities.

The in-house model (deployed)

Ensures full security of your documents, higher processing capacity, alongside the benefits of constant updates.

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