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Open, permanent, and universal identifiers for data. that are machine-readable and can create a unique reference for any data item.​

Why start using PermID?

We understand that data has more potential value when it can be shared.

That’s why we have made Permanent Identifiers (PermIDs) - and the associated entity masters and metadata - available to the market.

PermIDs tag a unique reference across a range of entity types, helping you to handle today's complex data management challenges. They eliminate mapping inconsistencies, reduce operational risk, and streamline end-to-end workflow processes across various platforms.

We are making PermID available through all our solutions in order to offer consistent and comprehensive data model. You can start using PermIDs today.

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Features & benefits

With PermID you can

Search smarter

Develop platforms to easily search and connect your data, uncovering the right connections.

Generate alpha

Generate alpha by tagging all of your data and exposing powerful linkages for unique insights.

Manage risk

Manage risk by gaining insight into business events and securely mapping the information to your own data.

How it works

How PermID works 

While most identifier schemas span subsets of entity types or categories, PermID provides comprehensive identification across a wide variety of entity types, including organizations, instruments, funds, issuers, and people. And, unlike stock tickers and other such symbols, PermID never changes.


PermIDs complement the Reuters Instrument Code (RIC), International Security Identification Numbers (ISINs), Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs), and many other identifiers.


PermIDs provide identification across a wide variety of organizations, instruments, funds, issuers, and people.


PermIDs connect all data sets in the Refinitiv information model, helping gain valuable insights.


Our global data team, with strong expertise in wide range of data sets, validates each data item before mapping PermIDs. We are powering our data collection process with artificial intelligence for faster and better insights.

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