Trading forex with FXall

FXall in Eikon

FX trading and analysis are now both at your fingertips, with the pre-trade data, news, and analytics of Eikon combined with the electronic capabilities of our award-winning FXall platform for trading forex.

Make better informed trading decisions with pre-trade analysis tools

  • Price discovery from over 2,000 global contributors
  • FX/MM calculators and state of the art charting capabilities
  • Superior forwards content
Screenshot showing FX spot monitor

Monitor real-time market data for price discovery

Superior execution using electronic capabilities of FXall

  • FX liquidity from over 180 leading providers
  • Trade FX spot, forwards and swaps in more than 500 currency pairs
  • Customize trade tickets and track market activity
Screenshot of an FXall Quicktrade platform

Obtain quotes from multiple liquidity providers and trade on the best price

Fully compliant STP for every trade, as well as reporting and auditing

  • Integration with treasury management systems
  • Advanced control and compliance capabilities
  • Comprehensive audit trail and full transactions history
FXall screenshot showing matching

Leverage comprehensive reporting functionality for internal and external compliance requirements

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