Clear, accurate, municipal bond pricing data

Municipal Bond Pricing Data

Benefit from independent, extensive, evaluated pricing data on the full universe of municipal bonds.

Why choose our municipal bond pricing data?

Our valuation model utilizes intraday trade data and market color to provide you with accurate and consistent prices on taxable and tax-exempt municipal bonds. In addition to applying the most recent trade level to more liquid securities, we capture historical spread information for individual issuers and sectors to build automated credit curves that are used to evaluate less liquid securities. 

In addition to our team of former bond traders and portfolio managers, our senior credit analysts can provide you with fundamental credit analysis for less liquid and high yield securities. 

Our people have deep domain expertise, with diverse experience and strengths, allowing us to provide you with evaluated prices on:

  • Investment grade fixed rate bonds
  • Tax-exempt and taxable bonds
  • Defaulted and distressed securities
  • Bank Qualified Bonds
  • SIFMA, LIBOR and SOFR Floating Rate Notes (FRNs)
  • Commercial Paper
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
  • Tender Option Bonds (TOBs)
  • Private Placements 

Features & benefits

What you get with muncipal bond pricing data

Extensive coverage

Includes complete reference data, corporate actions, and evaluated pricing.

Reliability and consistency

A credit curve attribute model adjusts to changes, for proven reliability and consistency in volatile markets.

Quality assurance

Strict validation procedures include quality checks that guarantee the absence of stale prices and/or outlying values.

Access to the experts

Content service managers are on hand to support any technical, price data, and functional queries.

Faster delivery

Evaluations are delivered at standard US market snapshot times.

Independent pricing

We are a completely independent third-party pricing provider, with no conflicts of interest.

How it works

Our municipal bond pricing data in more detail

Delivery options

Clients can choose to extract data on a security basis or on the entire range of securities. Evaluated pricing delivery is available within 45 minutes of the standard market close. Extraction flexibility is available through DataScope Select.

Price Challenge Portal (DSS)

LSEG customers can submit challenges on evaluated Fixed Income and Derivative pricing via MyAccount or by using our price challenge and transparency portal, AskTRPS, on the Datascope Select platform.

AskTRPS is available to existing clients subscribers at no additional cost.

Current features include:

  • Customize your own statistical metric reports
  • Visibility into same day challenge(s)
  • Tolerance and Unchanged reporting
  • Submit single or batch challenges
  • API Functionality
  • Status notification emails

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