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Taiwan Stock Exchange

An overview of Taiwan Stock Exchange

  • The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) was established in 1961 and started trading on February 9, 1962. Based in Taipei, it has been the primary stock exchange in Taiwan. The exchange works with a fully automated trading system since 1993, and the intraday continuous trading was implemented on March 23, 2020. The main stock index is the Taiwan Capitalization Weighted Stock Index (TAIEX), often referred to as the Taiwan Weighted.
  • The TWSE established the 100% owned subsidiary, Taiwan Index Plus Corporation (TIP), and entrusted a few index business-related functions to TIP.
  • We provide the TWSE’s market information services in real-time and with delayed data for all instruments. This includes all asset types such as equity, ETFs, warrants, TDRs, convertible bonds, beneficiary certificates, and more. We also support after-market information related to listed companies on TWSE, such as daily margin transaction summary, foreign and other investors daily trading summary.

Key Facts 

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    From 1967
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Features & Benefits

What you get with Taiwan Stock Exchange

  • Multi-asset content for trading: stocks, Taiwan depository receipts (TDRs), warrants and CBBCs, real estate investment trusts, fixed income, indices, exchange traded funds (ETFs), beneficiary certificates, exchange traded notes (ETNs).
  • Low latency differentiated real-time feeds: standard level 1 data, 5 level market data depth for MBO and MBP, and free of charge level 1 20-minute delayed data.
  • Get full access to associated indices, including exchange self-complied index series and co-complied indices with FTSE, Rayliant and Taiwan Index Plus (TIP).
  • Timely access to corporate actions and dividend data through either our electronic feeds or desktops platforms.
  • Real-time TWSE News for all TWSE listed companies including company announcements, disclosures, and corporate action data from issuers.
  • Daily covered margin trading and short sales data available for TWSE securities.

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