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Shanghai Stock Exchange

An overview of Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) was established in 1990. As of Jun 2020, there are 1644 companies listed in SSE holding market capitalization of US$5.26 trillion. According to statistics of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), SSE ranked fourth and second respectively in terms of total market capitalization, and capital raised as of Jun 2020, becoming one of the top exchanges in the world.
  • SSE operates 2 boards – mainboard and STAR Market – which provide products of stocks, bonds, funds, REITs, indices, and derivatives for trading. STAR Market was inaugurated in Jun 2019, a NASDAQ-style market for high-tech start-up companies. This rising star in China's capital market had seen proceeds raised from IPO and secondary listings within a year of anniversary in early Jul 2020 climbing to US$14.1 billion, only second in ranking behind NASDAQ globally.

Key Facts 

  • Geographical coverage
  • History
    End of day prices from 1992
    Intraday prices from 1996
  • Data format
    User Interface
    Zip Archive
  • Delivery mechanism
    Digital Files
    RSS Feed
  • Data frequency

Features & Benefits

What you get with Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • Multiple asset classes for trading: equities, bonds, indices, funds, REITs, stock options, and green securities.
  • Deep history of historical data and tick history: end-of-day historical data coverage goes back as far as 1992. Tick history data covered from 1996.
  • Green securities and indices: as of Nov 2021, get access to 364 green bonds, 149 green ABS, 10 green ETF listed in SSE, and 66 green indices that have been introduced.
  • Low latency differentiated real-time feeds: the Level 1 FAST feed offers a 3-second snapshot with 5 levels MBP. Level 2 feed offers tick by tick trade and a 3-second snapshot quote message with 10 levels of MBP and 50 levels of MBO.
  • Access corporate action and dividend data, all of which can be consumed in a timely manner through either our electronic feeds or desktops platforms.
  • We offer both intuitive request-response and bulk access to a wide array of SSE reference data content, including instrument- and venue-level reference data as well as cross reference symbology.

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