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Reuters Polls are surveys of expert opinion and are the world’s leading surveys of professionals, widely cited by top researchers, investors and policymakers.


How our Polling Data can benefit you

The Reuters Polls content available on Our premium products comprises polling history of detailed forecasts and consensus estimates for economic indicators, foreign exchange, central bank interest rate policy, money market rates and bond yields. Aggregate recommended asset allocation from some of the world's top fund management firms is also available.

Reuters Polls provide clients with the widest range of views of what top forecasters in financial markets are thinking and are conducted on a regular snapshot basis so that survey results can be traced to a particular point in time.

Highlights of the Reuters Poll coverage

  • Economic Indicators: Short-term forecasts 900 Economic Indicators and long-term forecasts for over 500 economic indicators.
  • FX Polls: Forecasts available on 36 spot rates and 25 cross rates over 1,3,6 and 12 month horizon.
  • Money Market and Bond Yield Polls: Money market Polls available for 5 countries while bond yield polls available for 18 countries.

Reuters Polls are available on standalone polling apps on Eikon and on Datastream. A real-time feed option is also available.

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