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Analyze trends from 1950s, project forward with our Economics of 10 million series. All countries profiled from in-country agencies or international sources.


How our Economic Data can benefit you

Our Economics database covers 164 economies from in-country sources. The content allows monitoring and analyzing of national economies and following market movers with historical and real-time time series.

Global datasets of economic indicators allow comparisons across as many as 215 nations. Comparable Economics dataset provides standardized content for 50+ key indicators taken from national sources for up to 140 countries. Private sources provide forward looking data and include Oxford Economics, EIU, Consensus Economics, and IHS Markit. Historical and forecast datasets are available from international official agencies of BIS, IMF, OECD, the World Bank and European Commission.

Select for analysis of series on macro and microeconomics, industry sectors, and business and governance ranking.

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