StarMine SmartEconomics

An overview of StarMine SmartEconomics

StarMine SmartEconomics takes StarMine’s proprietary SmartEstimates® methodology and applies it to forecasts of macroeconomic data, FX, bond yield, money market rates, commodities and stock indices to create a SmartEstimate of economic data that is more accurate than the simple consensus forecast

StarMine assesses the historical accuracy of each contributor at every point in time on every poll in which the contributor had a forecast. The indicator-specific StarMine historical accuracy score for each forecaster then determines the weight that each forecast receives in the SmartEstimate.

Key Facts 

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    From 2015
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Features & Benefits

What you get with StarMine SmartEconomics

  • SmartEstimate for Economics, FX, bond yield and money market rates correctly predicts the direction of macro surprises relative to the consensus forecast about 58% of the time when the SmartEstimate is significantly different from the consensus.
  • StarMine SmartEconomics marries the breadth of Datastream economic data with the industry-leading Reuters polling data to rigorously assess the historical accuracy of each contributor.
  • Our forecasters, especially the top forecasters in their domestic economy/region, have their bonuses linked to where they are ranked in the StarMine Awards for the most accurate forecasters. This is an additional output of the SmartEconomics model.

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