Financial literacy for children

Here at LSEG, we believe financial literacy opens up options and opportunities. Whether it’s study and career choices now, or how to save and invest money later on in life, understanding how finance works can help build a better future for us all.

Below you’ll find a few videos, case studies and insights to give you a first glimpse into the world of finance.

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Primary School Resources

Basics in financial literacy

Take a look at money

Exchange money abroad

Need versus want

What does a bank do

Animals in the world of finance

Unicorns, bears, stags, piggy banks and black swans - what have all these creatures got to do with your hard-earned cash? Well, far more than you would think at first glance. They are all beasts that appear in the global economic ecosystem. They pop up as warnings, messages, signals and useful analogies in order to help us navigate what can sometimes be a confusing, closed-off world.

Money and me

Created with the Bank of England and TES, join Dennis, Minnie and the Beano gang to learn more.

Learn more about Money and me

Secondary School Resources

Meet some of the companies on London Stock Exchange's AIM

Finance can be green too

How to protect our environment and tackle climate change is one of the biggest challenges for everyone around the world. So how does the stock exchange and finance help to make the planet a greener, better place?

We work with lots of companies that are doing amazing things to help the environment. Some are developing and investing in renewable energy like solar and wind power. Others are finding more effective ways to manage and recycle our waste. Others are inventing new technologies that will make our daily lives and activities more environmentally friendly.

More and more investors want to buy shares in these businesses.

They think that these companies will become more successful in the future and, when they do, the investors will receive a share of the profits. But it’s not just about profits, people want to invest in businesses that are helping to make the world a better place.

The extra cash that investors put in to businesses help them to do more of their good work – whether that’s designing new products, hiring new people or selling more of their products around the world to help other countries tackle climate change.

To help these companies to stand out, London Stock Exchange has developed a special badge called the ‘Green Economy Mark’. This badge shows that at least half of the sales by these companies come from helping make the economy greener.

You can find out about some of these companies below. See the full list of Green Economy Mark companies.