Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) give investors the chance to buy whole indices as easily as buying a share on the London Stock Exchange. Eligible for inclusion in ISAs but attracting no stamp duty, ETFs have the lowest annual charges of all collective investment schemes.

Growth of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the UK

The first ETF was listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market in April 2000. This was followed by a steady growth in the number of funds listed, but it was not until the abolition of stamp duty on ETFs that incorporate overseas in February 2007, that this already flourishing market transformed into a leading European centre for ETFs, with funds offering exposure to wide range of asset classes and markets.

Why choose London Stock Exchange?

  • As one of the leading financial centres in the world, underpinned by globally respected standards of regulation and a deep pool of liquidity, London continues to create an environment conducive to evermore opportunities.
  • London Stock Exchange is the leading exchange for trading ETFs in Europe with around 40% market share of European trading turnover and over 1,100 ETFs and 480 ETC/ETNs listed on its main market.
  • The market for ETFs operates in an order driven environment on SETS, the London Stock Exchange’s premier trading service with integrated Market Maker liquidity provision, delivering guaranteed two-way prices. This ensures that all ETFs trading on the London Stock Exchange are continuously supported with bid-offer prices throughout the trading day.
  • The price and trading data of your products will be disseminated to over 140,000 professional terminals worldwide and is then disseminated to websites and private investors worldwide via our data feed. This helps to ensure that essential data about your products reach investors globally.

How to issue ETFs?

To offer ETF issuers greater flexibility in admitting ETFs to the Main Market, the Exchange offers a choice of two routes to the UK market:

  • Apply to the UK Listing Authority (UKLA) for an official London listing and to the London Stock Exchange for admission to trading on the Main Market.
  • Apply to the London Stock Exchange for admission to trading on the Main Market based on an existing European Economic Area (EEA) listing.

Both options require Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recognition and can be UCITS or non-UCITS compliant.

While the majority of ETFs are UCITS compliant in Europe, London Stock Exchange also offers dedicated segments for admission of non-UCITS ETFs.

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