RNS Submit

RNS Submit

Submit RNS announcements through your browser.
RNS has launched a new RNS Submit platform offering great new features to make it much easier to use.

The RNS Submit client interface provides the most advanced and effective financial disclosure tool for companies and their advisers. It has greatly improved the process for uploading announcements to RNS and converting them to a ‘market-ready’ format.

Features and benefits

The RNS Submit website is the leading submission portal for all your regulatory and non-regulatory financial news announcements.  With a high-speed conversion process to provide superior efficiency and an intuitive user interface for enriched functionality and flexibility, RNS Submit helps you to communicate with the market at ease.

  • High-speed conversion – for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
  • Superior presentation – automatic conversion of announcements from Microsoft Word to HTML.
  • Web based–offering you greater flexibility.
  • Submission of supporting documents – upload multiple PDF files providing supplemental information to your main announcement.
  • Utilises the latest security software - ensures your information is confidential prior to market release.
  • Online account management – for greater flexibility and control.
  • Manage announcement distribution – manage and review all distribution points from one place.
  • Announcement archive – your announcements will be archived and accessible online.
  • Online help – a detailed and context sensitive help facility is available online.
  • Intuitive editing suite – enhanced functionality, including the ability to review and edit announcement content
  • Audit trail of releases - increased control on all points of distribution and a full audit trail.

Transparency Directive

The Transparency Directive took effect in the UK on 20 January 2007.  RNS have produced a guide which you can download from this website that is intended to help companies and their advisors understand more about the Directive and its impact on them.

Within the guide:

  • We explain what the Transparency Directive is and the inspiration behind it
  • We describe how the Directive is applied in the UK and we explain the part RNS has played in its implementation
  • We explain the way in which the Transparency Directive dovetails with other EU Directives, all of which are intended to make European capital markets work more seamlessly and effectively

RNS and the Transparency Directive