LSEG Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

We value relationships with suppliers who share our values, and we're committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to do business with us. 

On this page, you will get an overview of our supplier onboarding process and find out more about Ariba - our approved tool for managing supplier onboarding and payment.

For more information, please refer to Supplier portal.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • To work with LSEG, please engage your Sourcing contact and stakeholders to understand the bidding process. Once you have been selected to work with LSEG, you will need to have fully executed agreements, such as a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, Master Services Agreement (MSA), applicable Statement of Work(s)/Work Order(s)/Order Forms. 

    It is important to note that Suppliers transacting with LSEG are required to comply with our onboarding process and the LSEG Supply Chain Ethical Code.

    Where are the PO Terms and Conditions? Are we able to negotiate the PO Terms and Conditions?

    The PO Terms and Conditions are issues with the PO and are non-negotiable.

    Please see the following link for the PO Terms and Conditions by country.

  • Ariba is LSEG’s cloud-based tool that allows for Procure-to-Pay (P2P) transactions to occur between LSEG and its partners.  Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world’s largest Internet-based trading community:

    • Every two minutes a business joins the Ariba network
    • Nearly 2 million right now
    • Doing business in approximately 190 countries around the world
    • Proven process expertise
    • Community-shared best practices
    • Integration with SAP - Ariba is an SAP company

    You can access Ariba (Internet Explorer 9 or above is recommended for accessing Ariba).

    What is the link to Ariba?

    Implementing SAP Ariba is part of our effort to continuously improve our operational efficiencies. SAP Ariba integrates purchasing processes from requisition to invoice payment into a one-stop-shop:

    • The tool facilitates approval workflow processing which simplifies our PO and invoice approval processes.
    • Documents from requisitions, to purchase orders to invoices are linked together electronically and shared between suppliers and Refinitiv over the Ariba platform streamlining our internal processes.
    • As a result of these processes, we expect improvements to invoice payment times.

    Do all suppliers have to be on the Ariba network to transact with us?

    If the transactions require a purchase order, or if the suppliers are hosting purchasing catalogue for us, then they will need to be on the Ariba Network. Once a supplier has been on-boarded they can register for the no-fee Ariba Light Account offering.  Ariba is the typical mode of payment for most countries where Refinitiv operates unless otherwise denoted.

    For a list of countries where Ariba is used, please see below:

    Czech Republic

    Hong Kong
    New Zealand

    South Africa
    United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom
    United States 

    If you have questions on whether this is the right tool for you, contact your Refinitiv Sourcing Resource or your Refinitiv Business Partner.

    For non-Ariba countries, to submit invoices, go to

    Do I have to pay to use Ariba?

    Yes, it is a nominal fee for a Full Enablement Account. If you have a Light Enablement Account, no fees will be collected. Both types of accounts will allow you to receive POs and send invoices. The Light Enablement Account, however, has limited functionality and support. For more details on the fees, please click on

    How do I register for Ariba?

    You will receive an email from Ariba Administration ( with instructions on how to complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire. Go to and click on “How to Complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire [PDF]” for instructions on how to register.

    You can also go directly to to register. Click on “Register Now” to register. Once you have registered, please ensure that you complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) by completing the following steps: 

    1. Enter your Ariba login details.
    2. Click on Company Settings - you can find this on the right-hand corner.
    3. Select company profile under Company Settings.
    4. Click on Customer Requested tab.
    5. Under customer list, find and click on "Thomson Reuters".
    6. A form will open. Start by filling out the mandatory fields denoted with an asterisk (*)

    You will also be required to enter your company's tax and banking details.

    Why is Refinitiv's logo shown on LSEG's Ariba site?

    LSEG will continue to use Refinitiv's systems and operate BAU until further notice.

  • I'm currently a Refinitiv supplier and have access to Ariba as a Full Enablement Account/Light Enablement Account. Do I need to setup another profile?

    You will continue to utilize your current Refinitiv profile. We will make updates internally to extend your supplier profile to LSEG's operating entities (where applicable).

    Please ensure that the associated LSEG entity names and processing locations are updated in your system to ensure that future invoices are paid on time.

    After I complete the registration, questionnaire, and banking details what happens next?

    You will be assigned an Ariba Network Identification (ANID).

    No additional action is required in Ariba until all applicable agreements are completed and fully executed by authorized signatories of Supplier and Refinitiv. Goods or Services that do not require a Master Services Agreement (as approved by Refinitiv Sourcing), will be governed by the PO Terms and Conditions.

    In tandem, you will need to ensure that you complete the Risk Assessment.

    Once all applicable agreements are executed, the Refinitiv line of business will submit a Purchase Requisition (PR) in Ariba. This PR will need to pass through an internal approval chain. Upon approval, a Purchase Order (PO) will be generated and issued to your company. Please ensure that you check your inbox to review any POs received.  

    Please note that PO number must be incorporated into the invoice. If you do not have a PO, Refinitiv is not obligated to reimburse Supplier for goods or services rendered.

  • I received the PO and now I am ready to invoice. How do I do that?

    In countries that permit e-invoicing, click "Click Invoice" on the displayed PO. Once you have created the invoice, the status of the PO in Ariba will change to "Invoiced" (Note: This will show "Sent" in your outbox).

    Where Refinitiv does not permit e-invoicing, if you click "Create Invoice", you will receive the following message: "This customer does not accept this invoice based on its identified country of origin." In this situation, please send your invoice with the associated PO number & PO line number(s) to the bill to address stated on the PO.

    How can I check for the payment status?

    In Ariba, after the receipt of the invoice has been carried out and the invoice is marked as OK2Pay (i.e., the invoice has been sent down to SAP for Accounts Payable to process), the status of the invoice will change to "Approved" in your outbox. 

    Alternatively, you can contact the Global Help Desk - Accounts Payable Numbers for any Accounts Payable (AP) and Ariba related questions.

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