Supplier onboarding

Registering as a supplier in Ariba

Refinitiv uses Ariba, a third-party electronic transaction processing tool, to manage our supplier onboarding process and to issue and manage purchase orders (POs) and invoices. The supplier onboarding process ensures that all suppliers are screened and set up for payment in our system so that invoices can be managed and paid efficiently. Suppliers transacting with Refinitiv are required to comply with our on-boarding process and the Refinitiv Supply Chain Ethical Code.

As part of the mandatory setup process, all suppliers are required to complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) to be set up for invoice payment in Ariba. Note: if you are a supplier located in Brazil, Japan or the United States you must include the relevant declarations and forms (provided on this page) in your SPQ submission. 

IMPORTANT! Suppliers should be aware that Ariba offers two versions; the Light Account (Standard Accounts) and the Full Enabled Account (Enterprise Account). The Light Account will not incur any fees for the supplier, but the Full Account will. When registering with Ariba, suppliers create an agreement between the supplier and Ariba, to which Refinitiv is not a party. Suppliers should ensure that the appropriate Ariba Account type is selected, as suppliers that select the Full Account will receive an invoice directly from Ariba. Refinitiv cannot accept accountability should the incorrect level be selected, nor can it accept liability for any fees incurred. Refinitiv can however assist suppliers to switch back from the Full Enabled Account to the Light Account, if the supplier notifies Refinitiv accordingly.