Enhanced due diligence

Infrastructure due diligence

Uncovering regional and project risks to help investors assess overseas construction projects and to navigate regulatory and cultural landscapes.

When navigating local business environments, investors can often lack an adequate understanding of all the risks involved with infrastructure projects.

Best practice tells us that conducting detailed and holistic assessments of all risks before engaging in any new project is critical. Because risk changes over time, investors must set up well-defined and ongoing risk-monitoring processes. 

Being able to manage and mitigate risk relies on conducting thorough and complete due diligence, which in turn begins with accessing reliable and complete data.

What is infrastructure due diligence?

What is infrastructure due diligence?

Infrastructure due diligence helps investors assess potential risks associated with overseas opportunities, including:

  • Location-based risk in unknown territories.
  • Political risk, for example, a change in government.
  • Construction-related challenges, which may be exacerbated by gaps in infrastructure. 
  • Regulatory risk.
  • Commercial challenges, such as accurately identifying the customer demand profile for a new project. 
  • People-related risks, including navigating cultural differences and similarities as a foreign investor into a new market.

Our solution

Protect your investment from unseen risk

Our comprehensive risk data can be used for initial screening to uncover hidden risk and flag potential links to financial crime and corruption, particularly in high-risk countries. Although screening alone can never eradicate risk, initial screening remains a crucial tool for pinpointing instances where heightened risk may be present.

Where screening indicates heightened risk – or even potentially higher risk – investors can use our enhanced due diligence services to dig deeper.

Our robust due diligence reports include data on company ownership, operating and litigation history, key management and decision-makers, prior business conduct, reputation history, hidden liabilities and more.

Our due diligence reports are an invaluable tool to aid your decision-making when assessing the risk-reward landscape of investing or partnering in infrastructure projects.

BRI projects

Due diligence to mitigate Belt and Road project risks

Infrastructure projects including those covered by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aim to promote and optimise regional integration by connecting Asia with Africa and Europe via land and maritime networks. 

The BRI comprises financial, technical and cultural cooperation in over 100 countries across a wide range of infrastructure investment projects such as roads, railways, ports and other connectivity infrastructure, with a combined value in the trillions of dollars.

These types of projects clearly offer enormous opportunity for investment and partnership initiatives, however it can also come with regulatory risk, financial crime and corruption risk as well as potential reputation risk.

Our market-leading solutions provide comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date risk intelligence data on BRI projects, to facilitate the efficient screening of individuals and organisations before entering into any form of infrastructure investment, partnership, or other business relationship.

With detailed, risk-based information on belt and road countries and territories, we enable your firm to conduct a sophisticated risk analysis to provide an accurate view of your location based risk.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you navigate this challenging landscape and make better decisions that will ultimately enable you to tap into the many and varied opportunities presented by the BRI.


Why we are trusted worldwide

Legal and ethical methods

Our researchers only access risk information in the public domain, using non-invasive data collection methods.


Trusted information sources

Various human intelligence sources, leveraging structured World-Check data accredited with ISAE 3000 standard.

Global coverage with local knowledge

With local people in all major markets, we understand the local nuances and details, even where information may be less reliable.

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Our specialists will tailor a risk solution to help solve your specific infrastructure project needs.

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