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Discover our holistic suite of third-party risk solutions designed to help you meet regulatory obligations and avoid financial and reputational harm.

Emphasising the importance of managing third-party risk

Financial institutions engage with third parties as part of normal business activities, but such third-party relationships can introduce a range of potential risks.

Failure to adequately manage and mitigate these third-party risks can expose your financial institution to a range of adverse consequences. They span substantial financial loss and operational disruption, to potentially severe reputational damage.

As a consequence, the critical importance of completing thorough and robust due diligence before selecting and entering into any third-party relationship cannot be overstated.

Proactively managing these risks not only protects your financial institution, but can also offer opportunities for growth and differentiation.

What is third-party risk management for financial institutions?

Third-party relationships can include, but are not limited to vendors, suppliers, outsourced services, independent consultants, referral arrangements, merchant payment processing services, and more.

Managing the potential risk that such third parties can introduce is a regulatory requirement for financial institutions.

Regulatory requirements and increasingly complex third-party risks – integrity, identity, financial, ESG, operational and cyber risks – and more regulatory scrutiny of financial institutions’ third-party risk management programmes underscore a growing need for holistic third-party risk solutions.

Many financial institutions, however, may not have the budget or internal resources to manage third-party risk efficiently and effectively.

Our solution

Address your third-party risk management needs with our suite of solutions

Over our long history of working with financial institutions to manage third-party risk we have always been a trusted provider. We enable you to manage and mitigate risk across the entire third-party risk management lifecycle with our depth and breadth of risk intelligence. Tailored to the third-party risk management needs of financial institutions, our solutions include:

Features and benefits

How can your financial institution benefit?


Comprehensive risk coverage

With our risk intelligence solutions featuring comprehensive coverage you can optimise your third-party risk management across different risks – including integrity, identity, financial, ESG, operational and cyber risks.


World-class data and analysts

Our risk data is curated by over 900 analysts, speaking 70 languages and delivering global coverage augmented by local knowledge, to enable you to make better decisions with ease.


Advanced technology

Experience our advanced technology API that leverages connectivity to enable seamless integration with your in-house systems for a streamlined and efficient user experience.


Holistic solution provider

Our suite of products and solutions help your financial institution across the entire Third-Party Risk Management life cycle, enabling you to manage third parties from onboarding through to offboarding.


Risk scoring

Smart, customisable risk scoring to enable risk-based decisions.

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