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Jane Goodland

Jane Goodland

Group Head of Sustainability

The changing climate is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, affecting global ecosystems, societies, and the economy. Huge amounts of capital are required to adapt to these challenges and create sustainable growth. At LSEG, we believe the way we can have the most impact is to use our position at the centre of global markets to help mobilise the capital needed to reach net zero and by providing the critical market infrastructure and data to support this.

This informs our focus on three strategic sustainability priorities - accelerating the just transition to net zero; enabling the growth of the green economy; and creating inclusive economic opportunity - where we feel we can make the most impact through our customer solutions, market engagement, operations, supply chain and our community work.

Accelerating the just transition to net zero

Through well-considered policy, capital can be channelled effectively to support the transition to net zero. At LSEG, we have focused our recent efforts to include input into the UK's Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) disclosure framework and the Net Zero Public Data Utility (NZDPU). These initiatives, along with others, aim to bring greater consistency and clarity in climate-related information and transition planning globally.

We are also mindful of our own environmental impact. We have set science-based targets to significantly reduce our emissions[1] by 2030. We continue to make good progress towards these and we remain well-positioned to achieve our targets.

Enabling the growth of the green economy

Alongside decarbonising the economy, LSEG also enables organisations to raise capital for sustainable transition through market infrastructure such as the Sustainable Bond Market.

In 2023, over £64 billion of capital was raised by new and existing bonds on the London Stock Exchange’s Sustainable Bond Market (SBM) through 119 issuances. This brings the cumulative total to £232.2 billion raised on our SBM since launch in 2019. In addition, 110 companies and funds have achieved the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, which recognises companies and funds deriving 50% or more of their revenues from environmental products and services.  

Creating inclusive economic opportunity

We recognise that a successful transition to a low carbon economy can only be achieved if everyone has the opportunity to participate in sustainable economic growth. To support this, we are committed to building an inclusive culture that embraces diversity and empowers all our employees. We also support economic empowerment in our local communities through the LSEG Foundation, our main channel for community investment and engagement. The Foundation made particularly good progress in 2023, with volunteering hours, number of employee volunteers and total donations all increasing compared to 2022.

While I am pleased with the progress we made in 2023, there is still much more to do. We are committed to doing everything we can to secure a more sustainable future and I encourage you to watch the video below on how LSEG is helping mobilise capital and supporting our customers to achieve sustainable growth. Our full Sustainability Report and Sustainability Databook are also available to download.

Our world is at a tipping point.The changing climate is posinghuge threats to our natural ecosystems,our society, and the global economy.Minimizing these threats and adapting toclimate change requires sustainable economic development.But transitioning to a low carbon economy andultimately reaching net zero could cost upto $275 Trillion. LSEG is helping tomobilize the essential capitalneeded and providing critical information,data and market infrastructure.We're fusing sustainability andfinance to help our customers achieve sustainable growth.We're leveraging our expertise, our partnerships,our products and services todeliver against three strategic priorities.We're enabling organizations to raise capital forclimate transition on our sustainable bond market,and we're giving investorsaccess to transition aligned indices.We've also set our own science based targets to reduceour emissions with an ambitionto get to net zero by 2040.We research 16,000 companies around the worldto identify and measure revenuescoming from sustainable activities,which really highlightsthe growing investment opportunitiescoming from the green economy.Our Green Economy Mark is awarded tocompanies and funds that generate over half oftheir revenues from products andservices that arecontributing to environmental objectives.We also recognize how vital it is for everyone to havethe opportunity to participate ineconomic growth. Around the worldthe LSEG Foundationinvests in economic empowerment partnerships,giving communities access toemployment, education, and enterprise.And within LSEG,we're creating an inclusive culture that valuesdiverse perspectives and embracesdiversity of every kind.Together we can create a sustainable future.

[1] Reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 50% by 2030 from a 2019 baseline. Reduce absolute scope 3 emissions from fuel and energy-related activities, business travel and employee commuting 50% by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.

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