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Unlocking the future of work: interoperable and optimised workflows

Nej D’Jelal

Group Head of Workspace Platform, LSEG
  • It’s never been harder for financial service professionals to separate the signal from the noise, as available information grows exponentially
  • Rising volumes, and the siloed nature of data, mean that highly skilled and well-paid traders risk spending too much time managing information flows, rather than doing the deep work that will add value
  • The future of financial services decision-making demands manageable integrated information flows, rather than islands of incompatible information sources

If you are professional securities trader, the challenge of keeping on top of market-moving global economic events, news, and market developments, is increasing, as the information available seems to grow almost exponentially. You must evaluate geopolitical events, execute trades, and make quick decisions - all while effectively managing the risk appropriate to your client. 

All too soon, the volume of information available can feel part of the problem, not part of the solution, especially when that information lives in silos. No wonder so many traders operate four, six, or even eight screens, each displaying complex data.

Giving those traders information across multiple channels and platforms, can exacerbate their problems. For example, a portfolio manager has to sift through a huge volume of real-time data and analytics, while monitoring the performance of assets and reassessing the investment strategy in a perpetually volatile market. How can they efficiently use their time to focus on the most important activities, and make the right investment decision for demanding clients?


Navigating fragmented journeys

In the fast-paced, disruptive world we live in, having the right tools, data and insights at your fingertips can empower you to work effectively, minimise disruptions and deliver for your customers.

We continue to witness the challenges across financial markets where market participants are grappling with siloed data and information, fragmented experiences, and disparate workflows and systems impacting time and resources. These factors can lead to delayed execution, missed opportunities, and talented, hard-working teams feeling overwhelmed.

Now, imagine a future where there was a way to navigate between different content sources and platforms without any friction, one application speaking to the other, data flowing from one side to the other, and one tool providing support for collaborating with the community in a single experience; in essence a state of complete harmony that would transform the disjointed user journeys and make them interoperable.

At LSEG, we have reimagined a future by placing customers at the heart of it, ensuring you get the superpower of frictionless access to channels and devices, intuitive predictive discovery of information powered by generative AI and connected open community.

How the LSEG Microsoft Partnership is creating superior user experiences

Our customers are demanding more choice, convenience, and innovation today. Superior user experience has become the baseline requirement.

Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft, we are combining LSEG’s comprehensive financial markets data and analytics with Microsoft's global cloud-based infrastructure and AI capabilities to deliver: 

  • Interoperable workflows across LSEG Workspace and Microsoft Teams and 365 applications
  • Augmentation of user experience through use of generative AI-powered tools
  • Collaboration tools for the financial services community


Integrated workflows in action 

Watch our latest illustration of how together with Microsoft we will transform the user experience by creating an integrated workflow ecosystem using both LSEG and Microsoft interfaces. Accessing LSEG Workspace data through Microsoft 365 Copilot is just one example of how, through simple language prompts, we will enable intuitive discovery, data visualisation and easier sharing of personalised data and insights.

Focus on productivity and impact

This short video illustration highlights our ambition to create a continued joined-up experience within an open, interoperable ecosystem working with customers where they are. These simple, seamless, and interactive workflows will set a new benchmark for productivity and empower our customers to do things faster and more impactfully. 

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